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Bio Matcha Tea
Delicacy 30 g

Bio Matcha Tea
Delicacy 30 g

Matcha Tea, Matcha Traditionally

Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy is the matcha of the highest quality. It is made only from the greenest and finest leaves on the top of the tea plant. Delicacy has a sweeter taste, fresh scent, and is intended for the most demanding customers. Try this exclusive grade of matcha. Create your own unforgettable moments.


Why drink Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy?

♥ exclusive tea for demanding customers
♥ sophisticated taste of tea for Japan’s elite
♥ beneficial influence on the body in a cup of Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy


High-end matcha tea for the feeling of luxury

Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy is a really luxurious experience. We recommend it to customers who want a taste of exclusivity in the world of teas. Matcha, the tea of Japanese emperors, is not only tasty, but it contains many health benefits. First, we have antioxidants. They help us flush out toxins from our organism. Matcha has also the highest amount of amino acids and theophylline from all our Bio Matcha Tea grades. L-theanine amino acid improves the mood by supporting production of dopamine and serotonin, lowers mental and physical stress, improves memory, and provides the feeling of relaxed mind.

Simultaneously, it allows for full concentration. Theophylline is the tea form of caffeine. It is released into body for 3-6 hours, and together with L-theanine, evokes the feeling of intense concentration and strong energetic boost.

Delicacy has something for everyone

Matcha contains high amount of vitamins A, C, E, minerals, fibre, and it has about 10x higher nutritional value than regular green teas. Many studies focus on matcha’s ability to boost up metabolism up to 40 %, which helps us burn excessive fat faster. 

How to tell which grade of matcha is the best for me?

We supply matcha in a few grade qualities. Some are suitable for everyday drinking, some are intended for special occasions. On the very top of the ladder is the exclusive and the highest quality of matcha, which is Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy. This special grade of matcha will be appreciated by the experienced lovers of matcha and those of you, who demand only the highest quality. 

Can I drink Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy instead of coffee?

Because of its extra high content of caffeine, Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy is suitable as coffee alternative. Matcha is gentler for the body because it has no side effects that are characteristic for coffee, such as heart palpitations, nervousness, or fidgetiness. Caffeine in coffee is also on the top of its activity around 30 minutes after ingestion but decreases just as quickly. Tea caffeine in matcha is released gradually for 3-6 hours. Matcha has been used for centuries by Buddhist monks and Samurai to increase their concentration and to cause the state of deep meditation, which are means that Delicacy serves the best.

In case you want to drink coffee and matcha during the day, we recommend to avoid drinking them together. Both types of caffeine have different influence on human body. That is why it is better to leave a few hours between drinking coffee and tea. We suggest drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and a portion of matcha after lunch, or vice versa.

Does Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy contain any allergens? Are any risks related to drinking matcha?

Delicacy does not contain any known allergens. However, we do not recommend drinking on an empty stomach. Delicacy is a very strong tea and on an empty stomach can cause nausea.

Can I use Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy as ingredient?

Delicacy grade is absolutely not suitable as an ingredient. Its delicate taste will disappear in food, adding tastes will destroy the fine nuances in the tea’s taste, and using this meticulously cultivated grade of matcha for anything but drinking would be a sin.

What is the recommended daily intake of matcha?

An adult person can drink up to 4-6 grams of matcha a day. Pregnant, nursing, and children should not drink over 2 grams a day. 

Where is Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy grown?

Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy is grown in Japan, in the Kagoshima area, in a place where matcha has been grown for hundreds of years. For the purpose of Delicacy, only the most top, the greenest, and the juiciest leaves of the tea plant are picked and only by hand.

How to store Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy?

Do not leave the tin with Bio Matcha Tea Delicacy on places where the direct sunlight can reach it. The quickest destroyers of the tea’s quality are air and heat. That is why, every-time after you use it, close the tin carefully and store it in a refrigerator. The tea starts losing its quality after opening. That does not mean you should not drink it, but its colour, taste and aroma will change in time. For this reason, we do not recommend our customers buying big bags for personal use – such purchase may not pay off. 

Product parameters

Product EAN 8594169250564
Carton EAN 8594169251158
Products in carton 27
Product weight brutto (g) 80
Carton weight brutto (g) 2290
Product dimensions w/h/d (mm) 60 × 60 × 60
Carton dimensions w/h/d (mm) 310 × 65 × 131
Product origin Japan
Producer Kyosun s.r.o.
Certificate BIO
Language versions CZ, ES, SK, GB, D
Shelf-life 18 months
Storing store in dry places
Non-desired effects / allergens we do not recommend drinking on an empty stomach