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Bamboo spoon

Bamboo spoon

Matcha Traditionally

Traditional preparation of matcha requires traditional tools. One of them is chashaku, a bamboo teaspoon. Join us on our trip back in time and enjoy your matcha in traditional authentic style. One spoon of chashaku is close to one gram of matcha.


Why do I need chashaku?

a perfect instrument
from one piece of bamboo
perfect dosage of matcha

An instrument brought to perfection

Chashaku bamboo spoon is a skilfully created instrument for the traditional preparation of matcha tea. Because the old masters had already brought it to perfection, its shape has not changed in the last 500 years. Not even the smallest teaspoon can be a match for this bamboo spoon. One chashaku spoon contains about 1 gram of matcha, which is an optimum amount of the tea powder. It allows for adequate control over the intensity of matcha tea and its carefully crafted shape enables to easily scoop matcha from the tin, from the natsume tea container, or from the sachet.

Product parameters

Product EAN 8594169251028
Product weight brutto (g) 3
Product dimensions w/h/d (mm) 70 × 170 × 40
Product origin EU
Producer Maoci