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Bamboo whisk

Bamboo whisk

Matcha Traditionally

Those, who take the ceremonial preparation seriously, will not get along without bamboo whisk, chasen. This traditional instrument is necessary for the right frothing of matcha in the tea bowl. It is made from a single piece of bamboo.


Why do I need chasen?

→ for the real matcha enthusiasts

→ adds meditative atmosphere to the traditional preparation

→ turns drinking matcha into a real ritual

Essential part of the traditional tea ceremony

Chasen is probably the most important instrument for the right preparation of traditional matcha. This delicate object is made from one piece of bamboo and in Japan, it is treated with the utmost respect – old chasens are not thrown away, but they are burned collectively once a year around May in a temple ritual. Throwing old chasen into garbage is considered a social sin. Similarly, it is customary to prepare matcha for guests with a brand new chasen.
You can decide yourself which traditional customs you want to use in your own ritual, but we recommend soaking your chasen in warm water every time before using it. It helps chasen to stay flexible and prevents damage during whisking matcha. To help maintain its shape and prevent mould, we recommend adding chasen stand, in Japanese kusenaoshi.

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