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Bio Matcha Tea
Imperial 25 × 2 g

Bio Matcha Tea
Imperial 25 × 2 g

Matcha Tea

Bio Matcha Tea Imperial is a box of 25 individual sachets of matcha. Each of them contains 2 g of fresh matcha you can prepare anywhere anytime because of its practical packaging.


Why drink Bio Matcha Tea Imperial?

♥ it’s a link between Harmony and Premium
♥ it’s full of antioxidants and amino acids
♥ it has finer taste than Harmony,
♥ but more earthy flavour than Premium
♥ tastes great on its own as well as flavoured

Beneficial beverage

Matcha green tea has a wide spectrum of benefits that do good to our body. It is about 10x richer in nutrition than regular green tea because when we drink Matcha Tea, we drink the entire tea leaf milled to a very fine powder. Our body can take advantage of all the beneficiary substances in tea leaves which contain vitamins A, C, E, traces of minerals, about 30 % fibre, and in case of Imperial, high amount of antioxidants and amino acids (i.e., building blocks of body cells). Matcha also has great ability to supply our body with energy for 3-6 hours, it also supports concentration, relaxes our mind, supports good memory, and helps with production of the hormones of happiness – dopamine and serotonin.  

Little green miracle

Another popular effect of matcha tea is boosting of metabolism. Matcha can speed up our metabolism and burn fat up to 30-40 % quicker. So, if you shake yourself a portion of Imperial before work out, you can burn more energy and more fat during the work out than without it. This is also the reason why matcha is so popular with sports people.

What is the difference between bio Matcha Tea Imperial, Harmony and Premium?

Bio Matcha Tea Imperial lies between Harmony and Premium. Imperial’s taste is finer than Harmony’s, but at the same time stronger than Premium’s. When being shaked, a similar foam as in Premium appears, but the leaves are grown in the same area as Harmony. Imperial is suitable for everyday drinking (like Harmony), but just as well can be used in its natural form on special occasions (like Premium).

Imperial has more amino acids and provides you with more energy than Harmony, but it has higher number of antioxidants than Premium. Imperial is the golden mean between our matchas and an interesting taste experience for all matcha lovers.

Where is Bio Matcha Tea Imperial grown?

The real matcha always comes from Japan. The home of tea leaves for Bio Matcha Tea Imperial is Shizuoka area. This area has the perfect climate for growing high quality matcha.

Only Japan is the home of the real matcha

Can I drink Bio Matcha Tea Imperial instead of coffee?

Yes, it can be even more beneficiary for our bodies than drinking coffee. Matcha contains theophylline, the tea form of caffeine, which is being released into our body gradually for 3-6 hours. Caffeine contained in coffee or lemonades has a very quick onset but similarly quick crash. The classic caffeine is also often accompanied by side effects such as nervousness, heart palpitations, hand tremor or perspiration. Neither of those effects is present in drinking matcha.

I love matcha but I don’t want to give up coffee.

Sure, you can drink both beverages during your normal day. The best combination is a portion of matcha in the morning and a cup of coffee after lunch, or vice versa. We do not recommend combining these two drinks, though. Each contains a little different type of caffeine, and their mix might not be beneficiary for you organism.

How much matcha is enough?

The recommended daily dose in adult is 4-6 grams matcha (2 to 3 portions of  Imperial). Pregnant, nursing, and children only 2 grams per day. 

Can I use Bio Matcha Tea Imperial as an ingredient?

We would recommend being careful with Imperial in cuisine. It has a much finer taste which can be easily overcome by other ingredients. It is possible to use Imperial in mixed drinks, maybe even in lightly flavoured frostings or creams, in which its taste will not be overpowered by a strong aromatic flavour.

TIP: For cooking, use our culinary grade of matcha – Bio Matcha Tea Chef 😉


Always fresh

Bio Matcha Tea Imperial is, just as our other matcha, packed in individual sachets which protect the tea from its biggest enemies – air and light, the greatest causes of degradation of matcha. You just need to keep the sachets away from direct sunlight and the packaging will take care of the rest.

Why sachets?

The 2-gram sachets were especially developed because bigger bulks (100 g and more) cannot protect matcha well from the air and light once they’re opened. The tea in these bulks starts losing colour, taste, and aroma just within days and purchase of such package may not pay off to our customers.
The individual portions are put in a paper box that comes from sustainable natural sources. You can find the FSC logo on the bottom of the box.



Does Bio Matcha Tea Imperial contain any allergens? Are any risks related to drinking matcha?

There have never been found any allergens. However, we do not recommend drinking the tea on an empty stomach. Matcha is a very strong tea and could cause nausea if drunk when you are hungry. 

Product parameters

Product EAN 8594169251530
Carton EAN 8594169251578
Products in carton 18
Number of cartons per pallet (180 cm) 64
Product weight brutto (g) 80
Carton weight brutto (g) 1500
Product dimensions w/h/d (mm) 135 × 85 × 98
Carton dimensions w/h/d (mm) 420 × 210 × 282
Product origin Japan
Producer Kyosun s.r.o.
Certificate BIO
Language versions CZ, ES, SK, EN, D, BE
Shelf-life 2 years
Storing store in dry places
Non-desired effects / allergens we do not recommend drinking on an empty stomach