Matcha Tea and Coffee

Matcha Tea and Coffee

20. 01. 2018
I love coffee and I don't want to give it up, but I like Matcha Tea as well. Can I combine those two beverages? Many of you surely must have asked this question. So, let's look on those two beverages closer.

Caffeine in close-up

First, it is important to mention the fact that leads us to this question. It is of course caffeine. From the chemical point of view, they are both similar substances. Be it thein of caffeine, both of them are stimulants that can possibly harm our body in large amounts, and that is why it is important to be careful in their consummation.

10x stronger than regular green tea

Matcha Tea is a very strong type of Japanese green tea which differs from the regular teas because we are not drinking infused tea water but in fact the entire pulp of the tea leaf and we can get into our body almost 100% of all the benefits green tea offers. Part of them is also the tea caffeine. Universities that focused on the differences between infused tea and matcha tea concluded that by consuming matcha tea, you can get up to 10x higher amount of tea caffeine into your body.

As usual in my articles, I cannot forget to mention the fact that scientists studied the real matcha tea and not its imitations. These imitations (mainly those from China) appear on the market as well but have very little in common with the real matcha. Some of them contain completely different substances.
This was proved in our own tests which we conducted in 2016. We have confirmed that the real matcha tea has up to 44 % higher effectivity than its imitations. We have also tested the levels of heavy metals and here we clearly convinced ourselves that the Chinese matcha had up to 30x higher amount of lead in it. You can check those tests yourself here: TESTS JAPAN VS CHINA

So how can I combine both of them?

Energy for up to 6 hours

Although both of the products contain similar substance that stimulates our organism, they have a completely different effect on our organism. While the coffee caffeine is released into body almost immediately, the tea thein is released gradually for about 4-6 hours. You can already tell that tea consumption is gentler to the organism and the resulting energy effect is better for our body. Another benefit of matcha tea drinking are other substances present in the tea. For example, it is the only tea that contains about 32 % of fibre, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and more beneficiary substances.

Of course, spoiling coffee to coffee lovers or even forbidding its drinking is not the point of this article, but if you like both beverages, you should avoid its combined consumption. The amount of absorbed caffeine would exceed the daily recommended dose. If you like both beverages, then drink your coffee in the morning and Matcha Tea after lunch. This combination is not excluded, and you can change it vice versa. Have a cup of Matcha Tea for the morning energy boost and coffee after lunch.

Are there any other factors that influence drinking of those beverages?

Of course. Every body is different and reacts differently on various foods and drinks. It depends on your age, weight, body resiliency and sex. We recommend two 2 g sachets of Matcha Tea daily to adults. That is enough to fulfil your daily intake of antioxidants and simultaneously provide gentle dose of energy. Pregnant, nursing and children should not drink over 2 grams, that is one sachet of Bio Matcha Tea Harmony – but take into consideration your current health state or talk to your doctor.

Matcha on an empty stomach? Yes, but in the form of shake.

It is also important to mention the time when you should drink matcha. It is usually in the morning or in the afternoon between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Later cup of matcha could cause problems with sleeping. The important factor I must not forget to mention is morning drinking of matcha. On an empty stomach, matcha can cause nausea because it is a very strong tea. That is why it is better to drink matcha after your first meal, or you can try our Bio Matcha Shake. This drink has been developed with the cooperation of Czech company Amylon and although there is about 2 g of matcha, it is no problem for your stomach because it also contains whey, rice sirup and dried fruits, while the effect is basically identical to drinking 2 grams of matcha.

If you like coffee but also Matcha Tea, there is no need to give up one or the other. But it is important to stick to the rule „all in small doses.“
It is important to realize that the way we treat our body is the way our body treats us back. Just as it is not advised to drink 8 cups of coffee, 8 cups of Matcha Tea a day will not do you much service either. Take your body as a well-developed engine that needs high quality fuel in form of healthy food and drinks. And if you belong to the group of both coffee lovers and matcha lovers, you cannot do any harm to yourself by drinking one of each every day.

Enjoy 😉

author: P.P.