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Bio Matcha Tea
Harmony 30 × 2 g

Bio Matcha Tea
Harmony 30 × 2 g

Matcha Tea

Bio Matcha Tea Harmony is a box filled with 30 individual sachets with matcha. Each of them contains 2 g of fresh tea. Because of those practical sachets, you can prepare matcha anytime, anywhere!


Why drink Bio Matcha Tea Harmony?

♥ can boost fat burning up to 40 %
♥ provides energy for 6 hours
♥ supports concentration and happy mood
♥ 10x stronger than regular green tea
♥ tastes great on its own


Amazing benefits of matcha

Matcha has great health benefits. It is more than 10x richer in nutrition than a regular green tea, mainly because when we drink matcha, we drink the entire leaf of the tea plant milled to a fine powder. That is why our body can use all its benefits to the maximum.  

What can we find in matcha:

  • vitamins A, C, E, 
  • about 30% of matcha is fibre, which is unique in teas
  • cleansing antioxidants,
  • building blocks of body cells (amino acids),
  • tea form of caffeine that provides energy for 3-6 hours,
  • L-theanine that helps us concentrate, relaxes our mind, supports memory, and production of happiness hormones – dopamine and serotonin.

Little green miracle

One of the very popular benefits of matcha is its ability to boost up our metabolism and help burning fat up to 30-40 % faster. If you shake yourself a portion of matcha before work-out, you will burn more energy during the exercise. Harmony is our little green miracle. 

Has Bio Matcha Tea Harmony won any awards?

Yes, Bio Matcha Tea Harmony is the most popular matcha on the Czech market, which was decided by our customers! In 2016 became Bio Matcha Tea Harmony the winner of the Product of the Year award in the tea category on Heureka.cz portal. It also won the same award in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. The Product of the Year award is a competition among the most popular products based on the customer interests. 


We owe the success of Bio Matcha Tea Harmony to you, our beloved customers. Thank you so much! 

Where is Bio Matcha Tea Harmony grown?

Tea for Harmony is harvested in Shizuoka and Aichi areas. Shizuoka has been the Japanese top spot for growing matcha for centuries. The climate is perfect for the best matcha possible. 

Only Japan is the home of the real matcha


Can I drink Bio Matcha Tea Harmony instead of coffee?

Of course, for some of us, switching from coffee to matcha can be very good for our body. Matcha contains theophylline, the tea form of caffeine that is released gradually for 3-6 hours. Caffeine in coffee of soda drinks has a very quick onset but just as quick crash.

Regular caffeine often causes:

  • nervousness,
  • palpitations,
  • inability to concentrate.

Theophylline in matcha has no such side effects and is gentler to our organism.  

How to combine coffee and matcha?

These two types of caffeine have different effect on our body. That is why we recommend drinking them separately, not quickly one after the other. The best option is for example a portion of matcha in the morning and a cup of coffee after lunch, or vice versa.  

How much matcha is enough?

The recommended daily dose in adult is 4-6 grams matcha (2 to 3 portions of  Harmony). Pregnant, nursing, and children only 2 grams per day. 

Can I use Bio Matcha Tea Harmony for cooking?

You can add Bio Matcha Tea Harmony as an ingredient to custards, creams, porridges, sweet or salty batter, raw, vegan, low carb recipes, milkshakes, smoothies, or alcoholic drinks. Its specific umami taste adds colour to any food. You can find some inspiration in our recipes section. The only limit for using matcha in cooking is your imagination! 

TIP: For cooking, use our culinary grade of matcha – Bio Matcha Tea Chef 😉


How is Bio Matcha Tea Harmony packed?

Especially developed sachet protects matcha from air and light, its biggest enemies and initiators of matcha’s degradation. You can store the tea anywhere out of the direct sunshine. Our wrapper, together with the protective atmosphere, guarantees high quality and freshness of our matcha. 


The freshness of matcha fundamentally changes your experience

Two-gram sachets have been developed because bigger bags, such as one-hundred-gram bag, are very difficult to protect from air and light. Buying such bag may not pay off to a regular customer because the tea starts losing its:

  • colour,
  • taste
  • aroma

in just days after opening.

If possible, we choose materials that are less harmful to the environment. 

That is why we use paper boxes certified by FSC.



Does Bio Matcha Tea Harmony contain any allergens? Are some risks related with drinking matcha?

There have never been found any allergens. However, we do not recommend drinking the tea on an empty stomach. Matcha is a very strong tea and could cause nausea if drunk when you are hungry. 

Product parameters

Product EAN 8594169250502
Carton EAN 8594169250847
Products in carton 18
Number of cartons per pallet (180 cm) 64
Product weight brutto (g) 103
Carton weight brutto (g) 2232
Product dimensions w/h/d (mm) 135 × 85 × 98
Carton dimensions w/h/d (mm) 420 × 210 × 282
Product origin Japan
Producer Kyosun s.r.o.
Certificate BIO
Language versions CZ, GB, PL, SK, I, D, FR, SLO, SRB, RO, S, NL, DK, P, ES, UAE, RUS, HU, GR
Shelf-life 2 years
Storing store in dry places
Non-desired effects / allergens we do not recommend drinking on an empty stomach