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Gift sets

Matcha Traditionally

Matcha Tea gift sets, that is all the real lover of traditional matcha preparation needs. With our matcha set, each preparation will take you to another time, to Far East, to the Land of the Rising Sun.


Why do I need Matcha Tea set?

it includes all the necessary instruments for the proper tea ceremony
♥  amazing gift for matcha lovers
♥  authentic preparation of the Japanese emperors‘ beverage

All traditional instruments in a gift set

Matcha set consists of essential instruments for the traditional preparation of the green beverage. Chawan, tea bowl, is an artfully decorated ceramic instrument. The bowl has conveniently wide bottom suitable for comfortable whisking of matcha and makes it easy to handle. Bamboo spoon, chashaku, is perfectly crafted so it scoops up about one gram of matcha even from the container that is difficult to access. Bamboo whisk, chasen, makes whisking fun and it provides it with sanctity of a ritual. We recommend dipping chasen in hot water before each usage, so that the whisk softens and gains resilience.

Matcha Tea set can be purchased in our e-shop. For wholesale partners, we have prepared this offer. 

Product parameters

Product dimensions w/h/d (mm) 210× 80× 150
Product origin EU
Producer Maoci