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Seven Reasons Why You Should Drink Matcha Tea

02. 02. 2024 17:22

Antioxidant rich teas like matcha help prevent eating sweets but there are also other reasons, why it is good to make Matcha Tea part of your daily diet.

Matcha Tea Celebrates 10th Birthday!

28. 07. 2022 17:28

This February, Matcha Tea label has celebrated a round anniversary. From the almost unknown product, it has in the last 10 years become a popular brand with firm base of loyal fans who not only love our products, but also keep coming back for them. Causes of this success lie not only in the exceptional quality of the product, hard work of the company and product innovations, but also in the fair and equal relationship with importers and our lovely customers. It is also because of those reason why Bio Matcha Tea Harmony became the Product of the year on Heuré portal for the fifth time in a row.

Our Traditional Grades of Matcha Tea

28. 07. 2022 17:04

Can you already tell which of our portioned matcha you're drinking, even when blindfolded and you're planning on buying one of our traditional matcha sets? We can help you choose the right matcha for you.

Our Grades of Matcha Tea

28. 07. 2022 16:46

All kinds of Matcha Tea are bio (organic), all provide energy boost, all three of them are prepared in hot or cold water. But which one is the right for me? Harmony, Imperial, or Premium?

6 ways how Matcha Tea fights spring fatigue

28. 07. 2022 16:03

First spring sun can improve our mood but sometimes it seems it takes more energy than it gives. Morning ground frost and afternoon temperatures around ten degrees are a real test for our organism. No wonder we need the biggest boost of energy in spring. And that can be provided with Matcha Tea. Mainly because it contains a load of benefits.

Third Comparative Tests of Matcha Teas

14. 09. 2021 16:56

How is our Bio Matcha Tea from Japan doing in comparison with Chinese powdered teas? Check our latest comparative tests from June 2021.

We introduce Bio Matcha Tea Imperial!

18. 08. 2021 16:32

In July, we have added a new product into our collection of Matcha Tea, Bio Matcha Tea Imperial! This new kind of matcha lies between Harmony and Premium and can be a great taste experience for our seasoned matcha fans, but also a promising start for all matcha newbies.

The Main Differences between Harmony and Premium

09. 02. 2021 12:35

Both teas in organic quality, both provide us with energy, both can be prepared as ice teas or hot beverages – but which one is the right for me?

Celebrities Like Matcha Too

23. 11. 2020 11:20

Among the most popular benefits of matcha belong a dose of energy for up to 6 hours, ability to control weight and antioxidant effects. It is because of these benefits that make Japanese green tea a favourite drink for many celebrities in sports or showbusiness.

Give Green to Your Health

30. 03. 2020 15:51

Emerald colour, velvety smooth powder, universal usage and a huge amount of benefits. All that and more is Japanese matcha, green tea with more than 800 years of tradition. Take a look at the biggest advantages of matcha and the codex of Matcha Tea brand.