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Benefits of our Matcha Tea
= 14 reasons for cooperation

  • we cooperate with the greatest producers of matcha in the world
  • we offer interesting profit margins
  • 100 % quality of the tea
  • to keep the tea fresh, we import only via plane
  • we order matcha at least once in two months so that we can guarantee its freshness
  • organic (bio) certification
  • regular tests for: e.coli, pesticides, heavy metals, bacterias, yeast, mould and mercury
  • 9 various certificates of quality
  • the tea passes the strictest limits for sale in the EU
  • clear origin, original from Japan
  • unique packaging (2 g sachets easy to use)
  • high quality references, media coverage
  • in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Bio Matcha Tea Harmony won the first place on sales portal Heuréka.cz
  • in 2017 we obtained the Health Harmlessness Food Certificate issued by the State Health Institute

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Tel.: +420 773 08 2222

E-mail: info@matchatea.cz

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