Matcha Pineapple Fresh Juice

Matcha and pineapple is a match made in heaven.

Matcha Smoothie with Cucumber and Yogurt

Healthy Matcha smoothie with cucumber and yogurt!

Matcha Margarita

Popular party drink with an exotic twist which will also give you enough energy to stay up all night! Give it a go :)

Matcha Ice Tea

Ideal drink for hot summer days. Refreshing, healthy and organic!

Matcha Sirup

Matcha Tea with high quality sirup is a healthy treat for everyone who enjoy sugary drinks.

Matcha Ice Tea with Coconut Water

Preparation of Coconut Matcha Ice Tea takes only five minutes and you need only three ingredients. But you will get yourself a delicious drink full of antioxidants, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and a dose of energy for 6 hours. It's also amazingly refreshing in summer!

Matcha Dalgona Tea

The drink that is the star of social media right now with a matcha twist! Matcha with milk and emerald green foam on the top, that's Matcha Dalgona. The recipe is surprisingly easy - see for yourself!

Lavender Matcha Ice Latte

A perfect start of your day or an afternoon delight in tropical heat - that is our Lavender Matcha Ice Latte. The characteristic taste of matcha is a perfect match for the light and flowery taste of lavender and milk. Let yourself float on the cloud of summer joy with Lavender Matcha Ice Latte!

Coconut Matcha Ice Latte

Vegan coconut ice latte with matcha is a divine cream beverage that refreshes your body and mind in the tropical summer heat. Matcha and coconut are a perfect match. Try for yourself!

Rooibos Orange Fresh

Great refreshing drink full of vitamins, or a balanced drink for a great start of your day. Orange juice and rooibos are an amazing match and the combination of vitamins and antioxidants is the best favour you can do your body. Find yourself a minute and relax while drinking a glass of Rooibos Orange Fresh.