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Bamboo whisk stand

Bamboo whisk stand

Matcha Traditionally

A necessary equipment for all matchaholics and fans of the traditional preparation of matcha. After each traditional preparation, leave your bamboo whisk – chasen – in this stand. It will help preserve the chasen’s shape and will protect it from damage. 


Why do I need bamboo whisk stand?

→ accessory for the traditional tea ceremony

→ protects the shape and prolongs the life of a chasen

→ helps maintain the shape of a chasen

Traditional instruments deserve the best care

In traditional Japanese instruments intended for the tea ceremony, it is important to treat them well. These instruments are highly respected in Japan and they are often fragile. Keeping chasen in its original package does not allow the air to circulate well enough and the bamboo whisks can start moulding. The bamboo whisk stand, in Japanese kusenaoshi, helps keep the original shape of chasen, it protects it from damage and lengthens its lifetime. 

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EAN produktu 8594169251141
Hmotnost produktu brutto (g) 99
Rozměr produktu š/v/h (mm) 60 × 70× 60
Původ produktu EU
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