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Bio Kyosun rooibos
30 x 2 g

Bio Kyosun rooibos
30 x 2 g


Bio Kyosun rooibos is a box with 30 individual sachets of milled rooibos tea. Each sachet contains 2 g of fresh tea that can be prepared anywhere anytime. 


Why drink Bio Kyosun rooibos?

→ contains 0 % caffeine

→ suitable for children, pregnant and nursing 

→ full of antioxidants  

→ naturally sweet caramel taste 

→ induces feelings of relaxation and calmness 

Finely milled rooibos tea contains great amount of antioxidants, our body can use because when we drink Bio Kyosun rooibos, we are drinking a finely milled plant, not just infusion. Precisely because of this can our body get up to 10x more antioxidants than in a traditional tea. 

Rooibos does not contain any caffeine at all. That is why it is a perfect beverage for nursing and pregnant women, but also for children and people sensitive to caffeine and its side-effects. Rooibos induces feelings of relaxation, helps break down stress, and it has a sweet caramel or nutty flavour. Beside its amount of antioxidants, we can also find a small amount of minerals. Because rooibos contains smaller amount of tannins, it does not have bitter aftertaste, and its smooth powdery form invites you to experiment with rooibos in your kitchen, preparing both beverages and food.

Where is Bio Kyosun rooibos grown?

The tea for Bio Kyosun rooibos is grown in the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa. It is the only place in the whole world where rooibos grows. 

What is the difference between Bio Matcha Tea and Bio Kyosun rooibos?

Matcha is a rocket fuel that gives us energy and shoots us ahead. Rooibos is its opposite – it is a cloud of relaxation, sweet taste and calmness. Even milled rooibos can break down stress, it is full of antioxidants, and it can be enjoyed best in moments of peace, when you need a minute to relax and rest. Just one cup of Bio Kyosun rooibos will dissolve all stress.

How to combine matcha and rooibos

Matcha is not suitable to drink on an empty stomach because it can cause nausea. On the other hand, you can drink rooibos whenever you want, even just after you wake up. Rooibos can be also prepared in the evening, before you go to bed. It induces feelings of relaxation, calmness, and can help in sleepless nights. Rooibos is especially good for those of you who are sensitive on caffeine or theine. On the contrary, a cup of matcha can be made in the moments when you need strong dose of energy for 3-6 hours, on your night-shift or during studying. Rooibos is also great as addition to your daily water intake – it is purely Bio (organic) and it has a naturally sweet taste, so you can switch to rooibos instead of artificially sweetened beverages. 

ROOIBOS AFTER WAKING UP Ideal first sip for an empty stomach MATCHA AFTER WAKING UP Can cause nausea on an empty stomach, better to add it cereals/smoothies
ROOIBOS BEFORE LUNCH To help with the water intake MATCHA BEFORE LUNCH Productivity rises, energy for hours to come
ROOIBOS AFTER LUNCH Great uncarbonated and unsweetened beverage MATCHA AFTER LUNCH Boosts metabolism after heavy lunch
ROOIBOS IN THE AFTERNOON In later afternoon for relax after work MATCHA IN THE AFTERNOON Tiredness has no chance, ideal for sports activities
ROOIBOS IN THE EVENING Before sleeping to calm down and good sleep MATCHA IN THE EVENING Overtime at work? Late night studying? Get me some matcha ASAP!

Can I use Bio Kyosun rooibos as an ingredient?

Yes, you can. Finely milled rooibos can be an ingredient for smoothies, creams, custards, meals, batters, raw, vegan, low carb recipes, milkshakes, or even alcoholic drinks. Its specific taste will liven up every food or drink. You can find some inspiration in our recipes section. 

Let your fantasy run free and use Bio Kyosun rooibos in your cuisine!

What is the daily recommended dose of rooibos?

Rooibos does not contain any caffeine or other substances that would limit its consummation. You can drink as much of this red tea, as you want, from early morning until late at night. 

How to store Bio Kyosun Rooibos?

Just store the individual sachets out of direct sunlight – the sachets‘ wrapper will take care of the rest and it will keep rooibos fresh.

Does Bio Kyosun rooibos contain any allergens? Are there any risks related to drinking rooibos?

No allergens have been found in rooibos tea.

Parametry produktu

EAN produktu 8594169250632
EAN kartonu 8594169250946
Počet balení v kartonu 18
Počet kartonů na paletě (180 cm) 64
Hmotnost produktu brutto (g) 103
Hmotnost kartonu brutto (g) 2232
Rozměr produktu š/v/h (mm) 135x95x85
Rozměr kartonu š/v/h (mm) 420x210x282
Původ produktu The Republic of South Africa
Výrobce Kyosun s.r.o.
Certifikace BIO
Jazykové mutace CZ, SK, EN
Trvanlivost 2 years
Skladování store in dry places