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Shakers and bottles

Shakers and bottles

Shakers and Bottles

Modern and quick preparation of matcha tea – all you need is a shaker or a bottle and your matcha is ready in a few seconds. We change our offer regularly, so everyone can find their favourite.



Why get a shaker or a bottle?

can find their place in any bag
matcha and shaker/bottle will always be at your disposal

Quick and convenient

Shaker speeds up the preparation to only a few seconds. Just pour in the tea, add water, shake and you are ready to go! Plastic shakers are certified as safe Food Contact Material. You can wash them in a washing machine, keep them in a fridge, and you can use them to prepare cold or hot matcha beverages. They do not contain BPA, are practical and are tightly sealed.

Shakers and bottles can be bought on our e-shop. For wholesale partners, we have prepared this offer. 

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