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Bio Matcha Tea latte
300 g

Bio Matcha Tea latte
300 g

Matcha Delicacies

Matcha latte without complicated flavouring and difficult preparation! Bio Matcha Tea latte mix just needs to be shaked with water and you are ready to serve! The pack contains about 20 portions.

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Why drink Bio Matcha Tea latte?

♥ balanced, gentle sweet taste
♥ just add water and shake
♥ no need to add flavours
♥ gives you energy for up to 6 hours

Sweet energy

Bio Matcha Tea latte is a delicate combination of matcha tea, cane sugar and milk. This combination of 3-in-1 is very popular in Japan and now you can taste it as well in organic quality. There is no need to add any other ingredients or flavours, just mix latte and water – and you’re done! This lightly sweet beverage will surely help with your sweet tooth cravings and there is no chance of you crying over spilt milk while preparing it 🙂

Benefits, benefits, benefits

Matcha contains the tea form of caffeine that will provide you with energy for 3-6 hours with no side effects we know from other caffeine drinks (they usually include quick onset of energy and similarly quick crash, nervousness or heart palpitations). Matcha also helps concentration, breaks down physical and mental stress, and induces feelings of relaxation without sleepiness. Besides that, matcha also contains vitamins, fibre, minerals or proteins. Great benefit of matcha is also its ability to boost fat burning up to 40 %.

Does Bio Matcha Tea latte contain any allergens?

Yes, Bio Matcha Tea latte contains milk and also lactose.

Matcha tea alone does not contain any allergens. Bio Matcha Tea latte does not contain gluten or palm oil.

What is the recommended daily dose of matcha?

Daily dose for an adult is 4-6 grams of matcha per day. Pregnant, nursing, and children should not consume more than 2 grams per day.

How to store Bio Matcha Tea latte?

Always make sure the pack is tightly closed. Store the entire pack in a cold dark place, away from direct sunlight.

Product parameters

Product EAN 8594169251295
Carton EAN 8594169251301
Products in carton 18
Number of cartons per pallet (180 cm) 16
Product weight brutto (g) 310
Carton weight brutto (g) 5580
Product dimensions w/h/d (mm) 75 x 150 x 75
Carton dimensions w/h/d (mm) 420 x 210 x 282
Product origin Czech Republic
Producer Kyosun s.r.o.
Certificate BIO
Language versions CZ, EN, SK
Shelf-life 2 years
Storing store in dry places
Non-desired effects / allergens lactose