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Bio Matcha Tea shake banana
30 g

Bio Matcha Tea shake banana
30 g

Matcha Delicacies

Bio Matcha Tea shake banana is a perfect start of a new day or a nutritional snack that keeps hunger at bay. There is no palm oil, no gluten, no refined sugar and it is completely organic. You can enjoy our completely natural snack and fill up on energy!

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Why drink Bio Matcha Tea shake banana?

♥ evokes concentration

♥ up to 6 hours of energy

♥ sweetened by bio rice sirup

♥ perfect start of a day

Great breakfast with matcha and bananas

Bio Matcha Tea shake banana can be a great breakfast or a morning or afternoon snack. It contains the tea form of caffeine which gives you enough energy to overcome all work or school related challenges. Matcha provides energy for up to 6 hours which is released gradually, and L-theanine helps improve concentration, lower mental and physical stress and induce feelings of relaxation without sleepiness. Japanese matcha tea is also a source of vitamins and other beneficial substances, such as fibre, iron, or proteins. Another great effect of matcha is its ability to boost up metabolism up to 40 %, so it helps burn fat much more effectively.

Sweet treat in organic quality

Matcha Tea shake is a natural bioenergy drink based on matcha tea and balanced by bio dried bananas. It is sweetened by natural bio rice sirup. This sirup has lower glycaemic index. Compared to regular sugar, rice sirup does not produce too much stomach acid (it has higher pH).

Does Bio Matcha Tea shake banana contain any allergens?

Yes, Bio Matcha Tea shake banana contains whey and also lactose.

Matcha tea alone does not contain any allergens. Bio Matcha Tea shake banana does not contain gluten, palm oil or refined sugar.

What is the recommended daily dose of matcha?

An adult person can prepare 4-6 grams of matcha. Pregnant, nursing and children should not drink more than 2 grams a day.


How to store Bio Matcha Tea shake banana?

Bio Matcha Tea shake banana is well protected by its bag. Just store it in a cold place out of direct sunlight.

Parametry produktu

EAN produktu 8594006668422
EAN kartonu 18594006667781
Počet balení v kartonu 30
Počet kartonů na paletě (180 cm) 184
Hmotnost produktu brutto (g) 35
Hmotnost kartonu brutto (g) 1107
Rozměr produktu š/v/h (mm) 100 × 115 × 5
Rozměr kartonu š/v/h (mm) 100 × 115 × 330
Původ produktu EU
Výrobce Amylon a. s.
Certifikace BIO
Jazykové mutace CZ, SK
Trvanlivost 2 years
Skladování store in dry places
Nežádoucí účinky / alergeny contains whey and milk