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Promo materials Matcha Tea

Promo materials Matcha Tea

Promo materials

High quality promo is important for Matcha Tea because it supports sales of this unique tea. We can provide you with free materials in printed or digital form.


Choose from our wide offer

  • folded leaflet
  • offer card
  • shaker Matcha Tea
  • A3 poster
  • A6 leaflet
  • banner 1000 mm x 750 mm with SOLD HERE claim
  • adding your place of business and publishing it on Facebook
  • advertising roll up banner 80 x 200 cm
  • glasses for gastronomic business of various types
  • workshops for your staff and tasting events
  • possible marketing through the travelling shop – Matcha Tea bar
  • online banners tailored for your e-shop and social sites
  • other possibilities of promotion are organised individually