Rooibos Chai

Rooibos Chai

Enjoy the traditional Indian drink in its caffeine-free version. In India, they drink strongly flavoured chai with milk anytime of the year and whenever they can. Try our Rooibos Chai and find out why is the combination of milk and tea so tempting.


  • 2 g Bio Kysoun Rooibos
  • 200 ml of hot milk or its vegan alternative
  • 100 ml of hot water
  • 1 spoonful of chai spice (you can make it yourself – mix a little milled cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and allspice or nutmeg)


  1. Warm the milk (you can also froth it if you want).
  2. Shake rooibos in hot water up to cca 70 °C.
  3. Add chai spice to rooibos and shake again.
  4. Put the rooibos into glasses and top it with as much milk as you want. You can add sugar or honey.