Matcha Cappuccino

Matcha Cappuccino

Healthy, quick, and looks gorgeous. That's Matcha Cappuccino.


  • 2 g Bio Matcha Tea
  • 2 dl hot milk
  • 1 dl hot water
  • sugar or honey


  1. Froth the hot milk.
  2. In a shaker mix matcha, hot water of max 70 °C and shake thoroughly.
  3. Fill half of a glass with Matcha Tea and top with frothed milk.
  4. Serve with sweetener of your choice.


The fastest and easiest preparation of Matcha Tea is in our Matcha Tea shaker. Put one part of cold water and two parts of hot water in the shaker. Add Matcha Tea and shake thoroughly. You can find the current selection of shakers in our e-shop.