Matcha Classic

Matcha as a hot cup of tea. Classic will never go out of fashion.

Rooibos Classic Hot

The most traditional preparation of rooibos you can find. You can never go wrong with the classic drink.

Vegan Matcha Bread

Vegan Matcha Bread by our devoted fan Kateřina will be the source of joy for everyone who is trying to eat healthy and considerately. Try our beautiful and super tasty recipe!

Matcha Donuts

Original matcha donuts by our fan Kateřina are so simple and delicious, you can make them easily yourself! And they are divine with Matcha Tea chocolate filling. Give it a go.

Double Coloured Matcha Cheesecake

Beautiful and easy double-coloured cheesecake from our fan Katarína Janíková both looks and tastes gorgeous. It's a perfect recipe for weekend afternoons.

Matcha Hearts

Cute but also tasty hearts with matcha filling coated in matcha chocolate are a heartfelt dessert made with love not only to Matcha Tea :)

Gluten-free Matcha Squares

Amazing original recipe for gluten-free squares from our fan Svatava Navrátilová. It will definitely bring joy to everyone who is avoiding gluten, and will cheer everyone else with its colour. Try for yourself!

Gluten- and Sugar-Free Matcha Cookies

Very tasty cookies with no gluten and no added sugar!

Matcha Ice Tea

Ideal drink for hot summer days. Refreshing, healthy and organic!

Matcha Latté

Popular variant of Matcha Tea. Tastes great, looks amazing. Everyone can easily prepare Matcha Latte.

Matcha Cappuccino

Healthy, quick, and looks gorgeous. That's Matcha Cappuccino.

Matcha Traditional

Traditional preparation of matcha tea. Unchanged for more than 800 years.