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Bio Kyosun rooibos latte
300 g

Bio Kyosun rooibos latte
300 g


Rooibos latte is a popular instant mix – tea + milk + cane sugar! Just add water, shake, and you are ready to drink! The pack contains about 20 portions.

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Why drink Bio Kyosun rooibos latte?

♥ 0 % caffeine
♥ no need to add more flavour
♥ clams you down and helps you relax
♥ quick and easy preparation 


Sweet and calming evenings

Bio Kyosun rooibos latte does not contain any caffeine, so you can have a perfect cup of latte even in the evening, after work. The combination of caramel taste of rooibos, cane sugar, and milk is exactly what you need after a long day. It is also a great drink to help you satisfy your sweet tooth during a work break and it does not leave mountains of kitchenware behind – you just need a spoon of Bio Kyosun rooibos latte and water.

Relaxation for body and soul

Bio Kyosun rooibos is a finely milled powder from the South African plant rooibos that does not contain any caffeine, relaxes the mind, breaks down stress, and is packed with antioxidants. Because the rooibos plant is milled to a very fine powder, our body can use to the max all the benefits of the rooibos tea. Just one cup of rooibos helps break down stress and induces feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Does Bio Kyosun rooibos latte contain any allergens?

Yes, Bio Kyosun rooibos latte contains milk and also lactose.

Rooibos tea alone does not contain any allergens. Bio Kyosun rooibos latte does not contain gluten or palm oil.

Is daily consumption of rooibos limited in some way?

It is not, mainly because rooibos does not contain caffeine. That is why you can have a couple of cups of Bio Kyosun rooibos latte per day and add a few portions of finely milled rooibos as well. Even children, pregnant, or nursing women can drink rooibos.

How to store Bio Kyosun rooibos latte?

Always make sure the lid is firmly closed. Store the entire pack on a cold place out of direct sunlight.

Parametry produktu

EAN produktu 8594169251318
EAN kartonu 8594169251325
Počet balení v kartonu 24
Počet kartonů na paletě (180 cm) 64
Hmotnost produktu brutto (g) 350
Hmotnost kartonu brutto (g) 2150
Rozměr produktu š/v/h (mm) 99 × 169
Rozměr kartonu š/v/h (mm) 208 × 175 × 312
Původ produktu Czech republic
Výrobce Kyosun s.r.o.
Certifikace BIO
Jazykové mutace CZ, EN, SK
Trvanlivost 2 years
Skladování store in dry places
Nežádoucí účinky / alergeny lactose