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Matcha Tea
baking mix 340 g

Matcha Tea
baking mix 340 g

Matcha Delicacies

Baking mix with Bio Matcha Tea will make your cookies, confectionery, or even matcha cheesecake easier! Just add fat and eggs. You can create a number of desserts from this baking mix. Your fantasy is the limit!


Why bake with Matcha Tea baking mix?

♥ provides your confectionery with exotic touch

♥ has unmistakeable taste

♥ can be part of any dessert

♥ striking colour

Matcha desserts are always in the centre of attention

Matcha Tea is the original green tea that has many health benefits and unmistakeable gentle taste of umami. This adds to all your cookies, cakes or other desserts unusual touch and, together with the green colour, raises your baking to a real culinary experience. Desserts made from Matcha Tea baking mix can be topped with cream or icing with added matcha tea.

Amazing recipes for any occasion

You can create many desserts from the baking mix, including cookies, Christmas confectionery in cups or Linz cookies, through Easter ram, to cake base or rolled cake. Let your fantasy run free and create your own original recipe with Matcha Tea baking mix!

Does Bio Matcha Tea baking mix contain any allergens?

Yes, Matcha Tea baking mix contains gluten. 

What is the recommended daily dose of matcha?

For adults, it is 4-6 grams of matcha per day. Pregnant, nursing and children should not drink over 2 grams per day.


How to store Matcha Tea baking mix?

Store the product separate from aromatic substances, at least 5 cm from the wall or the floor, in a place with maximum 75 % humidity. 

Parametry produktu

EAN produktu 8594169250892
EAN kartonu 8594169251189
Počet balení v kartonu 18
Počet kartonů na paletě (180 cm) 64
Hmotnost produktu brutto (g) 357
Hmotnost kartonu brutto (g) 6756
Rozměr produktu š/v/h (mm) 160 × 270 × 30
Rozměr kartonu š/v/h (mm) 420 × 210 × 282
Původ produktu EU
Výrobce Amylon a.s.
Jazykové mutace CZ
Trvanlivost 1 year
Skladování store in dry places
Nežádoucí účinky / alergeny contains gluten