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Kyosun Rooibos
Chocolate covered almonds 100 g

Kyosun Rooibos
Chocolate covered almonds 100 g


Fine caramel taste of rooibos, delicious white chocolate, and the satisfying crunch of the almond. That is the exact taste experience Kyosun Rooibos chocolate covered almonds have prepared for you.


Why treat yourself to Kyosun Rooibos chocolate covered almonds?

♥ induce feelings of relaxation and calmness

♥ fill you up quickly

♥ taste divine

♥ excellent snack for moments of peace

Balanced harmony of tastes

Bio Kyosun rooibos is a popular tea from the Republic of South Africa. It is well known in its traditional form as an infused tea, but we are bringing you its finely milled version. Because we consume the entire plant, our body can use up to 10x times more antioxidants than in the usual infused tea. Rooibos is also naturally caffeine free, it provides us with feelings of relaxation and helps us break down stress. It has a sweet, honey-nutty or caramel taste and is suitable for nursing or soon to be mothers, but also children and people sensitive for caffeine.

Because of its milled form can rooibos be a great ingredient in food. White chocolate in combination with rooibos improves our mood and almonds help maintain healthy function of our brains. Almonds are also great source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They have a high amount of fibre, so they fill us up quickly and prevent overeating. Kyosun rooibos chocolate covered almonds are a great snack if you need a moment of peace just for yourself.

Love on first taste

Almonds are covered in a delicious white chocolate with rooibos tea, which tastes on its own divinely. Rooibos helps induce feelings of relaxation and calmness, which is further completed by almonds that lower stress levels and fill you up. The moment you taste Kyosun Rooibos chocolate covered almonds, you will fall in love and one will never be enough.

Do Kyosun Rooibos chocolate covered almonds contain any allergens?

Yes, Kyosun Rooibos chocolate covered almonds contain nutshells and dried milk and cream, and therefore contain lactose.

What is the recommended daily dose of rooibos?

Daily intake of rooibos both in beverages and food has no limits 🙂

How to store Kyosun Rooibos chocolate covered almonds?

The chocolate is especially sensitive on high temperatures. Store the almonds in a dry and cold place and protect them from direct sunshine.

Parametry produktu

EAN produktu 8594169251080
EAN kartonu 8594169251097
Počet balení v kartonu 18
Hmotnost produktu brutto (g) 105
Hmotnost kartonu brutto (g) 2480
Rozměr produktu š/v/h (mm) 110x85x65
Rozměr kartonu š/v/h (mm) 200x200x200
Původ produktu The Republic of South Africa
Výrobce Kyosun s.r.o.
Jazykové mutace CZ, SK
Trvanlivost 1 year
Skladování store in dry places
Nežádoucí účinky / alergeny can contain traces of peanuts and other nutshells, also traces of cereal grains containing gluten and sesame