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The Main Differences between Harmony and Premium

09. 02. 2021 12:35

Both teas in organic quality, both provide us with energy, both can be prepared as ice teas or hot beverages – but which one is the right for me?

Celebrities Like Matcha Too

23. 11. 2020 11:20

Among the most popular benefits of matcha belong a dose of energy for up to 6 hours, ability to control weight and antioxidant effects. It is because of these benefits that make Japanese green tea a favourite drink for many celebrities in sports or showbusiness.

Give Green to Your Health

30. 03. 2020 15:51

Emerald colour, velvety smooth powder, universal usage and a huge amount of benefits. All that and more is Japanese matcha, green tea with more than 800 years of tradition. Take a look at the biggest advantages of matcha and the codex of Matcha Tea brand.

Matcha and Antioxidants

17. 03. 2020 18:20

Because our health is the most important thing we have, it is crucial to take good care of it. Our immunity system should be constantly strengthened with vitamins, liquids and balanced food. It should also include enough antioxidants.

When Drink Matcha and When Rooibos?

30. 09. 2019 11:37

You have probably noticed our new finely milled Bio Kyosun Rooibos. Rooibos is called „red tea“, but it is not tea in the true sense of the word. Quite the opposite, rooibos is a complete contra point to matcha tea. They have a common form, but the effects of matcha and rooibos cannot be more different. In this article, we bring you a small list of matcha and rooibos effects together with few occassions for when to enjoy matcha and when rooibos.

Matcha Tea and Coffee

20. 01. 2018 22:53

I love coffee and I don't want to give it up, but I like Matcha Tea as well. Can I combine those two beverages? Many of you surely must have asked this question. So, let's look on those two beverages closer.

Japanese Versus Chinese Matcha

16. 06. 2016 16:29

Matcha Tea is a synonym for Japanese tea culture which has its roots in 12th century, when was the milled tea introduced for the first time in the Japanese archipelago.

Why You Should Be Wary of Matcha Imitations

13. 06. 2016 16:37

If you have heard the news about matcha tea benefits, the unique powdered green tea, you might want to keep reading.

Matcha Green Tea Helps Burn Fat

13. 06. 2016 16:31

Are you curious about the beverage with the capital B? Don't search any further: its matcha green tea ‒ and its health benefits are immense!

Matcha Tea and Scientific Studies

15. 05. 2016 16:40

A lot has been recently written about Matcha Tea. Many articles point out the great benefits of Matcha Tea. To prove their validity, we decided to write an article that concentrates on matcha tea studies.