Organic Matcha Tea BISCUITS

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Now, you have an opportunity to enjoy the unique result of a collaboration with the BIO bakery Zemanka.

Supplemental information:
• Type of packaging: paper box
• Package contents: 100 g
• Number of pieces in a carton: 25 boxes
• Shelf-life: 6 months

A delicious fusion of fine biscuits and green Matcha tea.
Thanks to butter, oat flakes and whey powder, they have a milky flavour that is
fine-tuned with finely ground, 100% BIO matcha. It is a kind of green tea, known
for more than 800 years, which only grows in shaded fields. The plants begin
to compensate the lack of light energy by intensified production of chlorophyll,
which thereby enriches it with antioxidants, amino acids and catechins, and also
causes a distinctive emerald green colour. The picking of the tea-leaves takes
place in early May and is done manually only.

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