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The proper preparation of matcha is very important, but not complicated. The basis of the preparation of matcha is to mix perfectly the tea. Therefore, our customers are offered an ideal tool – the Matcha Tea Shaker

• Free shakers with orders of Matcha Tea
• Ideal for preparation of hot and cold beverages
• New types of shakers every year
• Actual range of shakers available at
• 100% water tight
• High quality
• Non-toxic, BPA free
• Microwave safe and dishwasher safe
• Made in EU

Our shakers are manufactured in the EU and meet all safety standards. The preparation of both hot and cold tea with our shakers is
the fastest way to proper enjoyment of matcha. It is important to mention that our matcha grades Ceremony and
Delicacy should be prepared in the traditional way in a ceramic dish with a bamboo whisk. For preparation of matcha
in our shakers, we recommend to use 2 g sachets from the BIO Matcha Tea Harmony package.

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